Interview with Swedish book publisher

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Today I got interviewed because of a 3D image I created. The image was based on a drawing in the book My grandpa is a pirate by Jan Lööf.

You can read the interview here (Swedish)
A translated version follows below:

How did you come up with the idea to make a 3D-picture of an image from the book “My grandfather is a pirate”?

When I was a student I came across the book while cleaning up my room at my parental home. I opened the book and really enjoyed the drawing style of the book, while it brought back some great childhood memories as well. It somehow really got into my mind so I wanted to do something with it and I took the book to my student dorm.
My original plan then was to create a 3D animation of the book, as I am also a huge fan of Pixar. But that quickly turned out to be too much work and I focused on this scene instead. I see 3D programs as a sort of drawing tool and when working with it, I really go into that world. Like playing with LEGO, but then for grownups perhaps?

Did you come across any other books of Jan Lööf? Did you like them as well?

The answer is unfortunately no, but I did look up his drawings online and really like the style. The drawings are full of nice details and everything -even objects- seem to have their own character and their own little story.

How old were you when you first read “My grandfather is a pirate”?

I’m not sure about the first time, but there is a funny story to it: my parents read it as an introduction at my 6th or 7th birthday party, which was pirate-themed. Afterwards we went into the forest for a treasure hunt. My cousin had hidden in the forest and set off fireworks to imitate the pirate’s canons. The next day it turned out some kids had had nightmares! But I remember it as a lot of fun, so that is how I got such good memories of the book I think.

Since you are a fan of Jan Lööf’s work, it would be interesting to hear what you think are the great benefits of the author’s work?

Unfortunately I don’t know so much about Jan Lööf and would like to know more about him and his work. I really admire his drawing skills, style and story writing. Everything has something funny but also very honest and friendly to it I think.


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