Reserving a hotel room with a mobile browser in 2003

By March 4, 2014Interaction design

It was in my first year of Media & Knowledge science at TU Delft that we held a UMTS phone for the first time. It was a prototype from KPN and would only work for 5 minutes before overheating… It was the start of the pre-smartphone era, together with the rise of wifi.

Our task was to design the interaction between a user and an online service for checking into a Hotel. In the video you can see our concept. Aparantly unaware of QR codes, our design used a barcode scanner with a tradtional barcode. Though most of the interaction could be done more efficiently nowadays, there is an interesting concept in it which is unfortunately still science-fiction: why not open hotel rooms with your smartphone instead of a keycard?

It was a fun project and we won a prize as well. And it is interesting to reflect how much has changed in Interaction Design in 10 years.

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