Jelmer has a background in industrial design engineering and has always had a love for 3D graphics and music production.

He ran his own website agency for 10 years before moving to Norway, where he focussed on interaction design and digital product development.

With the rise of immersive technologies, he was able to combine his skills in interaction design and 3D graphics. In 2017 he demoed an AR app of a Tesla Model3, before the car was available, and by doing so pioneered a new car retail experience.

Soon after he launched AR Airplanes, a small but fun way to fly RC planes in AR. It has over 300.000 downloads now one year later.

Recently he worked on Vern, a fire safety app for SpareBank 1 Forsikring.

Jelmer continues to explore the field of AR with companies and other immersive tech enthousiast and is now focussing on multi-user AR experiences that also persist in space and time.